How to Share Photos from Android to iPhone

In case you have as of late moved from Android to iOS, you likely faced a couple of issues dividing photos among these two phases. Be that as it may, a few external applications and programming grant you to share pictures from Android to iPhone.

Regardless, those organizations are, generally, paid and don’t fill in as need might arise to. So it’s a perpetual battle between the two phases. Regardless, we have a solution for this issue! Today we will inspect how to share photos from Android to iPhone. In this article, we will share a couple of techniques through which you can move pictures to an iPhone from Android.

Directions to Share Photos from Android to iPhone

You can share photos through various strategies, from Android to iPhone. You don’t have to worry about these techniques since they are finished check and continually work with close to no issue. For instance, this is the method for sharing photos from Android to iPhone:



You ought to be aware of AirDrop and its convenience assuming that you have an iPhone. For sure, to use AirDrop, you need two iOS contraptions. Tragically, android contraptions don’t have this part. To settle this issue, we will utilize SnapDrop.

SnapDrop is a web application that grants you to really and promptly share records beginning with one contraption and afterward onto the following. You even need to download no pariah application. What’s more, you will need to send records involving SnapDrop between gadgets as long as you have a program.


Stage 1. In the first place, you want to connect the two devices to a comparative WiFi association.

Stage 2. By and by visit on the two contraptions. At the point when you open the site, you will rapidly see the two devices showing up on screens.

Stage 3. Tap on the screen of the source device and select the record you really want to share.

Stage 4. The other device will get a spring-up message when the trade is done. Anyway, before the download begins, the beneficiary requirements to recognize the record before it will start downloading.


To use SnapDrop with practically zero issues. You should guarantee that you have a good web affiliation. If not, you could face a couple of provokes moving records from Android to iPhone.


Google Photos

Assuming you have an Android contraption, Google Photos can be one of the most magnificent techniques to share photos from Android to iPhone.

You can download the application from the Apple App Store. You will help more prominent value between the devices through the Google Photos application. In the wake of downloading the application on your iPhone, you essentially have to follow the underneath referred to propels.


Stage 1. In any case, open the Google Photos application on your Android phone and a short time later tap on the Sharing decision at the lower part of the screen.

Stage 2. By and by tap on the Create shared assortment decision on the top.

Stage 3. Then, at that point, name the assortment anything you want, for example, Trip Photos.

Stage 4. From that point forward, tap on the, furthermore, to marking, to pick the photos you want to share through the assortment.

Stage 5. By and by tap on the Share decision in the upper right corner at whatever point you have added every one of the photos.


A menu will jump up, where you will get decisions to invite other people who don’t have a Google Account. Close by that, you will in like manner get the choice to create a shareable association that you can grant to others. Through the connection, iPhone clients will need to download the photos.

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One of the most un-requesting methods to share photos from Android to iPhone would be through Email. These days, almost everyone has an Email on the grounds that, without one, you can not use your PDA and various components. Furthermore, sharing your photos through Email is the most dependable technique. This is the manner in which you can do thusly:

Stage 1. Open the Email application on your device and make another mail. As of now find the contact with whom you want to share the photos.

Stage 2. Tap on the paper slice image on the base to associate the record.

NOTE: On Email, there is an end on the record size you can send through Email. For example, on Gmail, you can send up to 25MB of archive associations.

Stage 3. After you have associated the record, all that is left is to tap the Send button, and you are done.


Google Drive

Assuming you really want to move additional incredible records from Android to iPhone, you can use Google Drive. On the off chance that you have an Android device, you don’t have to worry about downloading the application.

Stage 1. Open Drive on the device from which you want to share photos.

Stage 2 By and by right snap and make a coordinator and name it as per your choice. Then, open the envelope and add the record you want to share.

Stage 3. From there on out, it will require a venture to move the record on Drive, given the size of the reports.

NOTE: Remember that Drive storing is bestowed to your Google Account, so accepting you move any record on Drive will take some space.

Stage 4. At the point when you have moved the records, leave the coordinator, and a short time later, right-click on it. A menu will appear to tap on the Get Link decision, and a spring-up menu will show up.

Stage 5. Under General Access, whether you want to restrict the person with the association with carry out any enhancements or download anything, the other decision licenses anyone with the connection to download or make changes. You are also prepared to set the other person’s movement by browsing three decisions Viewer, Commenter, and Editor. As the name suggests, the recipient can do one of these exercises set by you.

Stage 6. So accepting you keep up with that the other individual ought to download the photos with practically zero issues, then, set the decision to Editor under Anyone with the association. As of now the whole of that is left is to grant the connection to the gatherer, and they will need to download and see the photos from Google Drive.



The keep-going procedure on our overview is WeTransfer. WeTransfer is the most un-convoluted technique for moving a colossal record, beginning with one end and afterward onto the following. All you need is another person’s Email, and you will get a kick out of the chance to remotely share any structure.

The best thing about WeTransfer is that you really want to download no untouchable application. All you maintain that is a working web affiliation should move the report. This is the manner in which you can use WeTransfer:


Stage 1. Open the program on the source’s Android contraption and a while later visit

Stage 2. A page will open where you see Upload records decisions. Under the exchange decision, you will see a couple of spaces where you really want to fill in the recipient’s Email and your Email. Close by that, you additionally get the choice to title the record, and in the event that you want to join any message, you get to make that too.

Stage 3. Whenever you have filled in all of the nuances, click on the Upload archives decision and select the record you really want to send.

Stage 4. In the wake of picking the report, click on the open button, and the record will start to move. Moving the structure considering your web speed and record size will require a venture.

Stage 5. By and by the exchange is done. Snap on the Transfer button, and you are done. On the authority end, the singular necessities to recognize the report by going into the Email, then they will need to download the standard record.

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