How to Get Phone Notifications On Your PC?

We persistently get notices from various applications on our telephones. Here and there, we can’t disregard them. Be that as it may, assuming you energetically move your fixation to your telephone while chipping away at your PC, things could get highly annoying. Would you like to get telephone notices on your PC? This element will permit you to stay associated with your telephone conversations while working.

There are multiple ways of sending notice from telephone to PC. For example, Windows PCs and PCs clients might utilised Microsoft’s Your Phone program. In this way, they can get Android notices on Windows PC progressively.

You will be informed when you get a new voice or instant messages on your telephone. Likewise, iPhone proprietors can utilise Apple’s Continuity set-up of administrations to get iPhone notices on PC. Here, we’ll tell you the best way to get telephone warnings on a PC.

How To Get Android Notifications On Windows PC?

Before you start the means to empower telephone warnings on your PC, ensure you have the latest adaptations of the Your Phone application on your PC and telephone. It moves to warn cautions from Android telephones to PCs.You can get the Your Phone Companion application free of charge on Google Play for your Android handset.


While Microsoft truly does formally uphold Apple iPhones in Your Phone, how many choices are open is highly confined. You have some control over alarms, settle on decisions, and access applications and pictures.

And even trade records between your PC and Android cell phone utilising Your Phone. Likewise, you can utilise Your Phone to reflect your Android handset and work it from your Windows 10 PC.

Steps to Send Notification from Phone to PC

1: On your PC, send off the Your Phone application.

2: After that, click the Android box, and afterwards, Continue.

3: On your Android telephone, you’ll currently see a screen with a URL to download the Your Phone Companion application.

4: You might pick the ‘Indeed, I finished downloading Your Phone Companion’ choice on the off chance that the product has been downloaded and introduced on your telephone.

The Your Phone application on your Windows gadget will then offer you the decision of matching your telephone with the Windows gadget physically or through a QR code.

5: Choose the choice to open the QR code.

6: Now, on your telephone, send off the Your Phone Companion application and press the Link your telephone and PC choice, then Continue.

7:On the telephone, give the incited authorisations and hit the Continue button afterwards.

8: If you would rather not miss any alarms, give warning access authorization from the Settings. Likewise, let the program run behind the scenes. Be that as it may, involving the program behind the scenes can exhaust your telephone’s battery.

9: On your telephone, press Done, and on your PC, press Get Started. To see every one of the cautions drift over the notices segment.

Likewise, you may interface your Windows PC to an iPhone utilising the Your Phone application. Notwithstanding, the handiness of its notice framework on iOS has been genuinely confined till now.

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How to Get iPhone Notifications on Your Mac?

Apple’s Continuity include permits you to get iPhone cautions on your Mac. To get cautions for new voice calls and messages, ensure you utilize a similar Apple ID on your iPhone and Mac.

1: Go to Settings of your iPhone and tap on Phone.

2: Then switch on Wi-Fi Calling and Calls on Other Devices if you wish to get cautions for new approaches to your Mac. Both gadgets should be associated with a similar Wi-Fi.

3: On your Mac, explore FaceTime and afterwards click Preferences. From its Settings, pick Calls from iPhone to empower FaceTime calling.

You should actuate instant message sending on your iPhone to receive message cautions.

1: Again, go to Settings and pick Messages, then Text Message Forwarding.

2: Select your Mac from the rundown of potential gadgets. It will require two-factor validation if you haven’t done much previously.

You are provok to enter a six-digit enactment number on your iPhone that shows up on your Mac to access your instant messages.

In this way, that is all to get telephone notices on PC. For more tech stuff, follow futurestock!

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