Mi Band 7 vs Mi Band 6 – A Worthy Upgrade?

Xiaomi has been working effectively in specific tech regions. One of the classifications where Xiaomi is doing perfectly is the brilliant groups. As of late, Xiaomi thought of its new brilliant band called Mi Band 7. The new Mi Band 7 accompanies a few astounding highlights and overhauls. Notwithstanding, for individuals who, as of late, purchased the Xiaomi Band 6, the inquiry emerges that would it be a good idea for them to redesign?

We realize that this is a worry for the overwhelming majority of them. So we have chosen to think of an article examining the distinctions between Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 6. We will determine if the move up to Mi Band 7 is commendable or not. Besides, we will investigate the details and examine Mi Band 7 versus Mi Band 6. So right away, how about we head into the article.

Mi Band 7 Features

The following is the quick specs sheet of the Xiaomi Mi Band 7. You can look at every one of the highlights from the table underneath:

Model Xiaomi Mi Band 7

Strap 1x TPU Strap with Aluminum lock

Display 1.62-inches AMOLED display with 192 x 490-pixel resolution

Platform Zepp OS

Battery 180mAh

Price Rs. 3,300 (Approx.)

Mi Band 7 vs Mi Band 6

The following is a straightforward one next to the other examination of Xiaomi Mi Band 7 and Mi Band 6. Allow us to have a glance at it.


Xiaomi Mi Band 6 elements a 1.56-inches AMOLED show with a 152 x 486-pixel goal on the presentation size part. Conversely, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 pieces a bigger 1.62-inch AMOLED show with a goal of 192 x 490-pixel. As may be obvious, Mi Band 7 has a 0.6-inch more extensive showcase and an improved plan. So here, Mi Band 7 takes the point.


The Mi Smart Band 6 can process a PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence) file due to a few wellbeing factors. As per Xiaomi, the Mi band 6 has 30 distinct wellness modes and can consequently perceive six unique kinds of exercises. The Mi Smart Band 6 can follow steps, distance, rest, SpO2 and feelings of anxiety, and feminine cycle following.

Then again, Xiaomi Mi Band 7 has the Xiao AI collaborator and 120 game modes, including four expert modes. The Mi Band likewise incorporates various wellbeing capacities, such as the entire day blood oxygen checking, a pulse tracker, a rest tracker with REM, stress observing, female wellbeing following, and PAI. Moreover, it additionally accompanies the Always-on-Display highlight.

As a reality, Xiaomi has improved and given add-on highlights on its Xiaomi Mi Band 7. So again, the point goes to Mi Band 7.

Battery and Brightness

Mi Band 6 accompanies a 125mAh battery limit that can undoubtedly keep going for seven days. Discussing the Mi Band 7 accompanies a 180mAh battery limit that can surely endure over seven days. While discussing brilliance, Mi Band 6 accompanies 450nits of pinnacle splendour. Then again, Mi Band 7 accompanies a pinnacle brilliance of 500nits.

As you can see, the battery and brilliance are moved up to a superior rendition of Mi Band 6. So here, likewise, Mi Band 7 got the advantage.

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Discussing the value, Mi Band 6 includes some significant downfalls of Rs. 3,499, and Mi Band 7 comes at Rs. 3,300(Approx. changed over sum).

Mi Band 7 versus Mi Band 6 – Conclusion

Because of the above examination, you can see that Mi Band 7 has got the high ground. So on the off chance that you will buy the Mi Band 7, you can let it all out. If you don’t use many sports modes, the Mi Band 5 will do the trick. Likewise, you’ll be without a more powerful presentation with AOD, suggestions in light of sports information examination, and a longer battery duration. Mi Band 7 is a substantial redesign for those wishing to climb from earlier Mi Band models like the Mi Band 3 and 4.

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