5 Tips to Reach Heroic Rank & Free Fire Max OB34 Update is Live

Everybody needs to get the most noteworthy title to captivate everyone. In gaming, the one with the most important position is viewed as a genius. Regardless of the game, whether it’s BGMI, Free Fire MAX, Apex Legends Mobile, or others, in Free Fire MAX, a player can get three top titles: Heroic, Master, and Grandmaster. Everybody is attempting to get these titles; it is somewhat hard to score valid statements in each game.

Today we will enlighten you regarding five hints to arrive at Heroic position or above in Free Fire MAX. As you acquire directs, your position increases, and the possibilities toward experiencing other ace players are expanded. To achieve the most elevated rank quicker, we have recorded a few hints in this article to help you in the game while playing.

5 Tips to Reach Heroic Rank or Above in Free Fire MAX

Play with Squad

Rank pushing is an extended cycle to obtain focus for a step up; you need to give all your chance to the game to acquire the most critical position. Playing as an independent player might require a significant period to arrive at your objective. There are high opportunities to get focus diminished while playing solo. Notwithstanding, for longer interactivity, you ought to play with a crew.

Playing as a crew will assist you with supporting your position quicker; there are fewer opportunities to get focus deducted as your colleagues will save you in periods of scarcity. Be that as it may, to play with no issues, you ought to have legitimate dexterity with your colleagues, so your interactivity system is executed faultlessly.

Character and Pet Skill Combination

There are numerous strategies to endure longer in the game, yet there are chances that you gain less focus. The more you are in the game, the more possibilities procuring more focuses get expanded. In Free Fire MAX, your personality and pet have capacities that can assist you with enduring longer in the game if you are setting out alone.

You can utilize characters like Alok and K, as they assist you with supporting wellbeing focuses (HP). In couple and crew, Dimitri is the best person you can pick. Likewise, the player ought to remember pets for your expertise blend that will upgrade your personality’s capacities. There is one thing that you should recall your capacities, and the mix should be constructed so every partner can help one another.

Revival Zone Strategy

Free Fire MAX is loaded with fun capacities and element that helps y9ou during your interactivity. Recovery Zone is one of them; it permits players to renew their killed partners. If you have a legitimate system o utilize this element, it will undoubtedly help you acquire focus. One of the strategies would be that three individuals from a crew will arrive on their standard drop area while the one excess will land in the no man’s region where recovery pints are typically found. The three players can participate in the early fight and assume that the fourth part can renew them by utilizing the recovery zone even if they get killed.

Use Bonfire Loadout

There are numerous loadouts accessible from which you can pick, like Bonefire, Summon Airdrop, Resupply Map, and Bounty Token under the endurance heading. The more significant part of the players doesn’t consider utilizing the loadout while entering the game. Assuming you are rank pushing, we would prescribe you to use the loadout. As it can help you in different fight circumstances by giving you supplements.

If you are playing a positioned match, we will prescribe you to pick the Bonfire loadout. This loadout can assist players with acquiring HP; you can utilize this loadout while the zone is coming and you lack clinical supplies.

Booyah Should be the need.

There are many variables in the game through which your focuses are chosen. Your endurance time and Booyah makes the most significant difference in Free Fire MAX. However, if a player has arrived at the last zone with an adequate number of kills to get valid statements, it doesn’t dominate the match. The contrast between the victor and the other player will be huge.

Thus, to acquire focus on arriving at Heroic or above rank quicker, Booyah would be the need. You can follow simple strategies like setting up camp or playing inactively to get by till the last zone with your partners. So you can dominate the match without much of a stretch to get a more significant number of focuses than different players.


Thus, these were a portion of our five hints to arrive at a Heroic position or above in Free Fire MAX. Follow every one of the tips joined with a decent technique and get the most elevated title more rapidly than others. Nonetheless, to execute every one of the tips having great skill with your teammates is significant. Having great talent with your partners can help you in many fight circumstances. Presently, if you are rank pushing, we would prescribe you to evaluate these tips to arrive at your objective quicker than others.

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Free Fire Max OB34 Update is Live

Garena Free Fire Max was sent off after Free Fire acquired fame all over the Planet. Free Fire Max has been getting refreshes with a few upgrades and additional items from that point forward. The game is currently accessible to download with the most recent update. Presently another update of Free Fire Max is live and up to download. So in this article, we will talk about the new Free Fire Max OB34 update. In addition, we will likewise discuss a few update enhancements and highlights that this update incorporates. So with next to no further ado, we should head into the article.

Free Fire Max Update

This update from Free Fire Max has added a few new elements and enhancements. So we will discuss the update and, afterwards, how you can download it.

Free Fire Max OB34 Update Features

It has practically every one of the past elements. In any case, a portion of the eminent Free Fire Max OB34 update incorporates elements and enhancements as follows:

  1. The characters have been changed. It merits looking out for “Kenta,” another person.
  2. New Modes to appreciate and extend the playing reach.
  3. A few weapons are changed.
  4. Little foundation subtleties have been moved along.
  5. After introducing the latest update, players can never again partake in Clash Squad rank matches. Season 12 comes to a nearby today. The thirteenth time of Clash Squad is supposed to make a big appearance on May 26th.
  6. Players who achieved the gold position in Clash Squad can now open a free brilliant M14 skin.
  7. A portion of the new high-level connection frameworks will concede players admittance to many new characters by achieving a part of the game’s primary goals.

How to Download Free Fire Max OB34 Update on Android?

Downloading the OB34 update on Android is quite simple. Additionally, we will examine it here.

  1. Download and Install the Free Fire Max from Play Store.
  2. When downloaded, open it. In this way, assuming you as of now have the game introduced, open it.
  3. Whenever you have opened the game, you will see the update choice at the base left corner of the screen.
  4. Once clicked, you will be diverted to the Play Store download page.
  5. Here you can begin downloading the update for nothing.

How to Download Free Fire Max OB34 Update on iOS?

The Free Fire Max form is as yet accessible on Google Play, be that as it may, it has been eliminated from the App Store. That infers that iOS clients will not be able to introduce or download Free Fire Max OB34 update.

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