Official Requirements for Free Fire “V” Badge. How To Get It?

The Free Fire people group is going off the deep end about the “V” identification, and it has been a mark of conversation for quite a while. Various famous makers have this identification close to their names, making players need to have it close to their terms. Individuals and players who have been a piece of the game for quite a while now know that this is just for true Free Fire accomplices, and it recognizes them from the ordinary players. 

One necessity is meeting the prerequisites to be part of the Partner Program. Notwithstanding, since India’s public authority has restricted Free Fire, players must regard this choice and cease playing the game. Notwithstanding, Free Fire Max is as yet accessible for download, and players ought to play that, all things being equal.

For what reason is the “V” Badge in Free Fire?

Garena created the Free Fire Partner Program to help the forthcoming substance makers reveal their maximum capacity. The “V” identification is anything but a significant advantage; however, it gives makers various impetuses. 

These impetuses remember for game things, jewels, monetary advantages, selective early admittance to a different substance, and various things that can support the excursion of turning into a YouTube sensation. Since the accomplice program is exceptionally valuable, a rivalry is likewise extremely great.

Signing up for the accomplice program is an intricate cycle, and not every person is available. Nonetheless, any individual who enlists the accomplice program gets the “V” identification close to their name in the game. The openings are restricted, and the prerequisites are high; along these lines, it settles the score more moving for players to join the accomplice program.

Necessary for Garena Partner Program

The necessities are intricate, and one requirement to satisfy every one of them is to turn into a piece of the Garena Partner Program

.Intuitive YouTube Channel with over 1lakh supporters

.Least 80% of substances somewhat recently ought to be about the game

. Something like 30 lakh sees over the most recent 30 days

.Steady virtual entertainment movement with quality substance

.Content ought to be spotless and maintain Garena’s substance strategy

.Incredible skill and diligent mentality

The necessities are only a hint of Something larger. The group evaluates each application, and the spaces are given uniquely to qualified players.

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Steps to Join the Free Fire Partner Program

The Free Fire Partner Program application is presently not live; however, you can apply at whatever point the applications resume. These are the necessary strides for joining the program.

Stage 1: Visit the authority site for the Partner Program.

Stage 2: Clicking on the “Apply Now” button will divert you to the application structure.

Stage 3: Fill out all the necessary data, for example, channel name, supporter count, etc. As the last advance, present the application structure.

It is critical to note that there could be no alternative approach to getting the Free Fire “V” identification. No, recover codes or reference framework works for this.

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