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We have made considerable progress from remaining in lengthy lines for a train ticket. Presently we can book tickets straightforwardly through our cell phones. Some numerous applications and sites permit you to book tickets like Paytm, PhonePe, etc. As individuals progress, IRCTC is attempting to make our ticket booking experience more effective. IRCTC has thought of another strategy called “Book Now, Pay Later.”

This office will be gainful for some individuals who are in a rush and can book tickets without stressing over the bombed installments. Nonetheless, the one inquiry remains on how to book train tickets through IRCTC now and pay later. Indeed, in this article, we will get every one of your questions about the booking fee for train tickets utilizing pay later. Presently, without doing any further ado, we should begin.

What is IRCTC Pay Later?

Many of you may be thinking about what IRCTC pays later. This new installment passage for e-tickets is accessible through ePay Later. It’s an advanced installment arrangement presented by Arthashastra Fintech Pvt. Ltd. Indeed, inessential words, it’s a passage that is reported by IRCTC, through which you can book train tickets without stressing over the bombed installments and long lines.

In any case, the traveler needs to pay the ticket charges 14 days after booking the tickets. Suppose the individual in question misses paying the sum in something like 14 days under any circumstance. In that case, the individual needs to pay an interest charge of 3.50% and applicable duties.

How to Apply for IRCTC Pay Later?

Applying for the compensation later choice is straightforward. To utilize the payment later choice, first, you need to use it for the office.

They should be possible by filling in a few fundamental subtleties, including your Aadhar and PAN card subtleties. After filling in every subtlety, you will get a One time Password (OTP); fill in the OTP, and finish.

The qualification for the compensation later element will be taken a look at given your old exchanges and different variables. Whenever you have gotten the organization’s achievement message, you are all set and utilize this element on your next train ticket booking.

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How to Book Train Tickets through IRCTC Now and Pay Later?

That is how to book train tickets through IRCTC now and pay later. Follow simple tasks to book your next train ticket through the compensation later door.

Stage 1. Open the program on your versatile or PC. Presently sign in to the IRCTC account.

Stage 2. After that, enter the excursion subtleties to book your ticket.

Stage 3. Presently on the installment page, there will be a choice of picking the ‘Pay Later choice.

Stage 4. Click on the ‘Pay Later’ choice, and it will you will be diverted to the ePayLater.


If you are worn out on bombed installments while booking train tickets, follow all the previously mentioned advances. You will want to book train tickets using IRCTC now and pay later. Like this, you can begin your excursion without agonizing over the booking delays.

Be that as it may, you need to pay the ticket sum after a specific timeframe. Under any circumstance, assuming you neglected to pay the sum on time, you need to pay a particular level of interest and duties as material.

That is All For Today. Remain Tuned To futurestock For More Stuff.

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