Top 5 Assault Rifles in PUBG PC

PUBG PC is something else altogether when contrasted with the portable variant of the equivalent. There are upgraded difficulties, and the player base is likewise gifted on an alternate level. Adding to that, mobile games and PC games can not measure up. Since PUBG is a serious game, it takes a lot of information to figure out the game and perform well. In addition, the presence of so many weapons in the game can make it exceptionally trying for the players.

This PUBG PC guide will assist you with having a profound knowledge of attack rifles. Weapons assume a significant part in the game, and they can not be messed with. Therefore, it is vital to grasp the guns in the game to go with more straightforward decisions. Attack rifles are potent weapons that can represent the game’s deciding moment for yourself and your crew. Accordingly, understanding the purposes and the properties of these guns is enormous. We have recorded the Top 5 Assault Rifles in PUBG PC to ensure you dominate the match without fail.

Top 5 Assault Rifles in PUBG PC


Effectively one of the most known firearms in the game, the Scar-L is a precious attack rifle. It is very secure. It adds to your loadout and is accessible on each guide in the game. This weapon will be a generally excellent ally to begin with. The backlash of the gun is low and can be dealt with even by fledglings after some training.

The firearm fires 5.56-mm projectiles, which are not extremely hard to track down because many different weapons utilize that. Utilizing a mix of the silencer, broadened quickdraw mag, and extension will make the firearm complete. For additional dependability and control, players can likewise use a vertical foregrip.

The weapon is excellent for short proximity, and mid-range battles yet isn’t highly compelling in lengthy reach battle circumstances. On the off chance that your adversary is far, utilizing this firearm wouldn’t be wise since the shot drop is high, and you probably won’t have the option to strike the foe.


That is the most famous attack rifle in the game. The M416 is an overall attack rifle, and the local area concurs with that. A flexible firearm is seen on each guide of the game. It isn’t so effortlessly spotted as the Scar-L; however, it is straightforward to find by the same token. The M416 involves similar 5.56-mm slugs as the Scar-L and has a standard magazine limit of 30 projectiles. The harm is marginally higher than Scar-L. However, it tends to be utilized in each game situation. This firearm can do everything in short proximity, mid-range, or long-range battles.

Players need to remember that the force on this weapon is higher than Scar-L, and it will take more practice to control it proficiently. You ought to append a compensator, a vertical foregrip, and a strategic stock alongside an extension to divulge the genuine capability of the weapon. It will be more steady and gained for long-range battles. The 3x and 6x degree is the most favored scope connection by players for this firearm.

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The great AK-47 rifle animates AKM, and very much like the genuine weapon, the in-game attack rifle is additionally dangerous. It has high harm, a high fire pace, and tremendous power. All of this can gain challenging influence; along these lines, players need to rehearse with this weapon to have a decent hang on it. It is a dangerous weapon and can be utilized as a Designated Marksman Rifle. Involving it in long-range battles can go to no end since the force of the firearm is exceptionally high. In any case, assuming you change the shooting method of the weapon to single, it very well may be utilized as a marksman rifle. Two AKM headshots can take the foe player out.

Not many connections can be placed on the firearm, yet players can utilize a silencer to expand their covertness. A lengthy quickdraw mag will expand the magazine size and decrease the reload time, adding to the silencer. A decent and long-range degree will constantly help, and a 4x extension can be a proper expansion to help you in the mid-range and long-range.


A high-level rendition of the AKM, the Beryl M762 acquires more power and touchiness. Unfortunately, all of this gets more backlash and flimsiness. That makes the firearm somewhat harder to control. However, it’s anything but an issue in short proximity battles. The connections improve, yet players should be slightly more tolerant if they need great control of the firearm. The links can be equivalent to the AKM, alongside a vertical foregrip.

Likewise, players ought not involve the weapon in long reach or even mid-range circumstances. It is an excellent choice for group deathmatches and different modes. It can assist you with getting a decent K/D proportion; however, it requirements to rehearse.


The best attack rifle or weapon in the game. It is an elite drop firearm that must be found in airdrops or flare drops. The gun is more modest than other attack rifles in the game, and consequently, the person can move around quicker on the guide. Getting this firearm can make your game exceptionally simple, assuming you are great with your point and control.

The firearm’s backlash isn’t relatively as high as Beryl or AKM, and it tends to be effectively controlled. The weapon utilizes 7.86-mm projectiles which can be handily found on each guide. The gun should not be used in the long-range, as it moves around powerfully. Be that as it may, it is a monster in mid-reach and short proximity.

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