Top 5 iOS 16 Features Bringing Change to the Experience

Apple’s WWDC 2022 occasion is here, and there were a few intriguing declarations during the event. The most fascinating and stimulating representation was the iOS 16. The Apple iPhone’s Operating System got various UI changes in its past updates. This year, Apple designers have exceeded all expectations and gotten helpful highlights. Here are the Top 5 iOS 16 highlights carrying change to the experience.

Top 5 iOS 16 Features

Lock Screen

Apple has acquired significant enhancements to the Lock Screen with iOS 16. Lock Screen is the main thing clients notice in a telephone after getting it interestingly. With iOS 16, you can now change the look and feel of the lock screen, given your mindset and sentiments. Assuming you utilize your photograph on the lock screen, you can directly add channels and impacts to something similar.

One more significant expansion to the lock screen is Widgets. Clients can now add gadgets to the lock screen of the iPhone. These gadgets range from Calendar, Weather, Activity, or even applications like Uber, for the lock screen. Clients can likewise change the textual style and style of the time on the lock screen and add various varieties to the lock screen of the telephone.

If you are exhausted with one sort of lock screen and need to continue meaningfully impacting how it looks, stress no more. With iOS 16, you can make numerous lock screens in light of the various mindsets and looks you believe your telephone should display. Getting to the lock screens is likewise simple, and you have to long-push on the lock screen. Your saved lock screens will show up, and you can pick among them.


We send a message that we don’t want to and can not make a difference. Virtual entertainment stages and informing applications like Instagram and WhatsApp have the choice of unlimited or erasing sent messages before the collector understands them. This usefulness has at long last come to iMessage.

Clients can now alter and even unsend sent messages in no less than 15 minutes of sending the message. The recipient won’t notice the alterations made to a statement, yet you will tell them if you erase a letter.

It is also critical to recall that the unsend element will work, assuming both the shipper and the collector have iOS 16. If the recipient doesn’t have iOS 16, they will want to peruse the messages even after you have unsent them.

Live Text

Live Text is a beneficial component for individuals who travel to new spots. It has first presented Quite a while 15, and it is just working after the most recent update. Prior you could duplicate a message, decipher, and send a message straightforwardly from a message in the photograph. With iOS 16, Live Text works with recordings as well. You can stop a video, select a message in the video, glue it anyplace or send it to anybody. That opens the entryway for more open doors and choices for individuals to send messages without composing it out or depending on some other application.

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iCloud Share

Google Drive permits clients to share a committed envelope of pictures and recordings with their loved ones. The equivalent should be possible on iCloud also. With iOS 16, Apple’s iCloud is getting another component. Presently you can make a different cloud envelope to impart to loved ones. Clients approaching this organizer can alter the pictures and afterwards save them. You can likewise share the images or recordings from the camera application following taking one.

Other Important iOS 16 Features

Aside from the previously mentioned highlights, iOS 16 will get different other significant availability highlights. The main highlight has connected with Spotlight. Apple’s inside search choice can now be brought to from the lower part of the screen and is generally accessible. It has been added for fast access and simplicity of use.

The following component included Apple’s most recent programming update, haptics. While Android gadgets have had this component for a long while now, it will be intriguing to perceive how the iPhone performs on the haptic front while you type on its console, and iPhones didn’t have haptic criticism on the console.

One of the fascinating highlights of accompanying iOS 16 has connected with FaceID. That is an expansion of the “open with cover highlight” that Apple got a couple of updates back. Clients can now open their telephones with FaceID in the scene mode also. You don’t need to place or hold your telephone in picture mode to unlock your telephone.

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