Top 7 Emulator Players & Best Characters For Clash Squad Mode In Free Fire

The vast majority love playing Garena Free Fire on portable; however, it is additionally famous among PC gamers. In any case, there is no authority adaptation for PCs. The PC gamers need outsider programming named ‘Emulator’ to play the game along these lines. Additionally, the specialists say playing Free Fire on emulators is more agreeable than playing on cell phones. Somewhat, this is right.

To turn into an extraordinary emulator player. You want to rehearse for a couple of months. To grant them Free Fire will begin ordering gamers and give acknowledgment to astounding emulator players because of their outstanding PC execution. On PCs, development speed and reflexes are breakneck because of the effortlessness of dealing with many controls and further developed awareness. Here, we will include the top Free Fire emulators players.

Disclaimer: In India, Free Fire is unlawful. Accordingly, gamers from the nation should utilize the MAX variety to get to their FF IDs.

Top Free Fire Emulator Players In 2022


Muhammad “Vincenzo” Farukh is a notable Free Fire emulator player and very well known in the Free Fire people group all over the planet. He came into the spotlight with his remarkable gaming capacities through his famous YouTube channel, Vincenzo. He plays on the MENA (Middle East) server and is from Egypt, Africa. Vincenzo’s supporters love him for his exact and quick-moving ongoing interaction. His 469 transfers have amassed an enormous supporter following of 6.86 million individuals. All out sees on the channel are 469 million.

Vincenzo’s Free Fire User ID is 437144862.

Ruok FF: Best Free Fire Emulator Player

Ruok FF is among the world’s best Free Fire emulator players. His exact and liquid interactivity has set a gamer’s local area benchmark. Ruok’s specialty is making constant shocking one-tap headshots while showing various acts. He is a Thai player who takes part in the BR shooter on the country’s server. The RUOK FF YouTube channel has roughly 10 million supporters and 608 million perspectives after just 131 drawing in ongoing interaction transfers.

Ruok Free Fire’s User ID is 261109577.

Classy FreeFire

Tasteful FreeFire is one of more best players in Clash Squad mode and is notable in India for its CS rank push. His real name is Prashant Rajput, according to a few sources. He plays on India’s FF server. He regularly communicates real-time streams pushing his CS level to the upper levels of Master and Grandmaster. Over 1.47 million individuals have bought into the Classy FreeFire YouTube channel, north of 247 million perspectives. The track, as of now, has 719 transfers.

Classy FreeFire’s User ID is 440751607.

Raistar: Popular Free Fire PC Player

Raistar is a well-known Free Fire emulator player in India and FF gamer’s local area. His real name is Akshay. His capacity to play precisely on both portable and PC is the one thing that separates him from others. As a result of his quick versatility, Raistar’s emulator’s ongoing interaction requires more prominent consideration. He does live streams on his Rai Live channel for the most part. His principal YouTube channel is Rai Star, where he posts montages much of the time. Raistar has gathered a sizable supporter following of 6.77 million despite his conflicting transfer plan. North of 157 million individuals has seen his complete 35 recordings.

Raistar’s Free Fire User ID is 12022250.

Born2Kill: Best Free Fire Player

More “Born2Kill” Mansouri is a significant Free Fire Emulators gamer from Tunisia, North Africa. He is otherwise called B2K. His astonishing sharpshooter abilities, especially with twofold AWM, are remarkable. On the MENA server, Moez plays the game. Born2Kill, his well-known YouTube channel, has around 9 million endorsers and 579 million perspectives, with 418 transfers. He hasn’t posted anything on the direction in some time. However, his latest transfer recommends that he will re-record his gaming presently.

B2K’s Free Fire User ID is 320653047.

Tonde Gamer

Tonde Gamer is a splendid Free Fire emulator player and a notable YouTube content maker. His real name is Sarju Giri, and he is from Nepal. He is famous for making amusing recordings of his significant ongoing interaction. On the Bangladesh server, Sarju plays the game. Tonde often participates in custom room coordinates with other expert players locally. Tonde Gamer, his YouTube channel, has over 5.74 million endorsers. His 1,339 transfers have been seen north of 1 billion times.

Tonde Gamer’s Free Fire User ID is 282951914.

BNL: Best Free Fire Emulator Player

BNL is a famous player in the worldwide FF people group for exceptionally proficient interactivity, with a couple of red headshots. He goes by Oussema Elloumi. He is from Tunisia and utilizations the MENA server. BNL has been perceived for designing one of the most generally utilized shooting methods, the ‘One-tap headshot.’ His YouTube channel currently has 7.78 million supporters altogether. He has recorded 424 game films, adding more than 551 million perspectives.

BNL’s Free Fire User ID is 297929835.

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Best Free Fire MAX characters for Clash Squad Mode

Players should pick the characters they need to take admirably because the CS mode expects players to have great control of their development. The field style speedy mode gives players an arbitrary determination of weapons, apparatuses, and other gear from the shops, which they can purchase with the cash procured during battle. We should examine the leading six best Free Fire MAX characters.

DJ Alok

DJ Alok is the most well-known character on the Free Fire list. It can Drop the Beat. Whenever cast, it makes a 5-meter air that builds a partner’s development speed by 10% and reestablishes 5-meter wellbeing for 5 seconds. Along these lines, killing this person won’t be difficult, and you will want to battle the adversary for a more extended time frame.

So it will assist the group with dominating the match. Also, it has capacity in the game “Drop the Beat” and is one of the most adaptable. This capacity makes a 5m region around him that speeds up all partners by 15%. So whether you love to play with companions in groups or are forlorn and frequently play alone, Alok is one of the most amazing Garena FF MAX characters accessible in the game.


Chrono is one of the Free Fire characters as a team with the renowned person Cristiano Ronaldo. Chrono’s unique capacity in the game “Time Pass” gives the excellent guarded ability to players in Garena Free Fire. It makes a waterproof power field. Bargains an aggregate of 800 harm and goes on for six seconds.

This safeguard plan is not exclusively to safeguard yourself yet additionally to safeguard your colleagues. Chrono is great for preserving against ambushes. However, he can make everybody in the space of impact invulnerable, making him nearly as great at assault and backing as Alok.


Clients who need to playgroup mode with their companions can involve Dimitri as the primary person. He has a functioning capacity called Healing Heartbeat. At the fundamental level (level 1), his power makes the air around him with a span of 3.5 meters, which goes about as a mending region. Players can reestablish up to 3 HP each second in space. The impact of the expertise endures 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 85 seconds. A similar region reestablishes players’ HP and assists fallen with self-improvement and recovery.

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This time around, DJ KSHMR character “K” from Real Life is a genuine monster regarding supports his group and gives them perpetual mending. K has a functioning Master of All capacity in-game. He can expand his most extreme EP by 50 with his power.

In “Jiu-Jitsu Mode,” all partners inside 6 meters gain an EP transformation pace of 500%, permitting them to recover their HP quicker as long as they have an EP. Most recent OB fix refreshes. K. can recuperate 3 EP each second and up to 250 EP in Psychic mode at the most elevated level.


Wukong is presumably the best person in Clash Squad mode, and he additionally enormously affects fight royale matches. That is because the person Wukong has dynamic abilities where that character can camouflage. Wukong “camouflage” has gotten a ton of help in the most recent OB to fix refreshes. It can change players into shrubberies for 10 seconds and has a cooldown of 250 seconds at the base level. With each kill, the calm time frame has reset. Furthermore, his capacity can help players in duels. Although this expertise can’t be utilized while a Wukong character has bowed, this Wukong character is as yet the ideal decision to play in Clash Squad mode.


Skyler is a Free Fire character in light of well-known music craftsman Son Tung M-TP. Skyler’s dynamic capacity is called quick moving. This capacity delivers a sound wave at its default level that can harm five void dividers in a 50-meter span. Each Wall of Diffuse Darkness expands your HP recuperation, beginning at 4. Be that as it may, the capacity has a sixty-second cooldown. This ability has to be broadly utilized during battle to reestablish player wellbeing while at the same time spreading each mass of haziness. That causes him to be on the rundown of best Free Fire MAX characters.

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